Science, Technology and Society in Asia: Creating Scientific Communities, Pedagogies and Citizen Science.

When: December 8-9, 2014
Where: International Design Center
Organized by: Michael M.J. Fischer, MIT Anthropology and STS
Andrew W. Mellon Professor in the Humanities
Professor of Anthropology and Science and Technology Studies

The workshop explored how new scientific communities are being formed in Asia. A number of presentations by members of the MIT and SUTD communities as well as faculty and researchers from other universities were featured. Presenters brought with them a wide range of perspectives on higher education around the world.

Professor Michael Fischer opening the workshop.

Themes discussed included the following:
-Replacing old styles of teaching, especially in engineering, with interdisciplinary teaching that integrates social science and the humanities.
-Encouraging design- and project-based learning to boost creativity among students.
-Working toward global competitive excellence and competence in the new knowledge economies.

The cases of three new universities were discussed in depth:
1)THISTI in India, presented by Kaushik Sunder Rajan (University of Chicago).
2)Tan Tao University in Vietnam, presented by Tho Nguyen (Tan Tao University).
3)Masdar Institute in U.A.E., presented by Gokce Gunel (Columbia University).

Graduate student Asli Arpak presenting on Design Studio at SUTD.
A significant part of the workshop was devoted to the SUTD case. The following aspects of the SUTD case were discussed:
-Strategies for curriculum design, presented by Aikaterini Bagiati (MIT-SUTD Collaboration).
-Integrating the humanities and social sciences in a design and engineering curriculum, presented by Samson Lim (SUTD).
-Teaching physics based on the MIT TEAL classroom model, presented by Peter Dourmaskhin (MIT).
-Teaching biology and chemistry with the help of MOOCs, presented by Dawn Koh (SUTD) and Xiaojuan Khoo (SUTD).
-Teaching freshmen design and architecture, presented by Asli Arpak (MIT).

SUTD professor Samson Lim presenting on the SUTD social science and humanities curriculum.

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