SUTD Winter Abroad Program @ MIT

In this program, undergraduates from SUTD come to MIT during the January Independent Activities Period (IAP) to experience the MIT academic culture, build connections with MIT students, and gain lifelong skills for their future academic and professional careers. Our office funds approximately 35 classes and activities during IAP, which are open to both the SUTD participants and MIT students.

All participating SUTD students take a required course on Cross-Cultural Collaboration, which focuses on theory and practical tools for working effectively in diverse teams. This class serves as a springboard for their work in two to four other IAP classes, many of which have a significant teamwork component. In keeping with the spirit of IAP, the classes may be taught by anyone in the MIT community, including faculty, instructors, lecturers, postdocs, grad students and others. They focus on a wide array of topics, and change yearly.

SUTD Student Voices: Hear from 2017 participants

SUTD Student Voices: Hear from 2016 participants

Have an idea for a course?

Members of the MIT community may contact Jesse DeLaughter at to apply for funding to develop a class for IAP 2017. Offerings may be for-credit courses or not-for-credit activities. Funding levels range depending on the scope of the class, personnel involved, and materials required. All proposals will be considered. Proposals for classes with a significant teamwork component are especially encouraged, as they complement the overall program theme.

Sample Classes Offered in January 2016

For full details, visit program site at:

  • Cross-Cultural Collaboration
  • Becoming the Next Bill Nye
  • Global Shakespeares
  • Forces Frozen
  • Hands-on Holography
  • Error-Efficient Computing
  • Bamboo Bicycle
  • CNC Drawing Machine
  • Urban Design
  • Metro Lab
  • Software Reverse Engineering
  • Infrastructure Design for Climate Change
  • Ceramics