Grad Fellow

The SUTD-MIT Graduate Fellows Program is designed to bring highly qualified postdocs and MIT graduate students to SUTD to help staff the university's courses in its early years. It is a great opportunity to experience teaching at an innovative university while also pursuing personal research goals. As Graduate Fellows interact with SUTD faculty and students through teaching and research, they facilitate the transfer of knowledge and culture between MIT and SUTD. Fellows also serve as a pool of potential candidates from which SUTD can recruit faculty.

We recruit candidates in various engineering and science disciplines at various times of the year, so we encourage any interested postdocs or MIT graduate students to contact the collaboration office at any time regarding current needs for Graduate Fellows.

Postdoctoral Associates
Postdocs are hired for two years, during which they spend 15 months at MIT and 9 months at SUTD. (The sequence is variable and negotiable.) While at MIT, Graduate Fellows take coursework or serve as teaching assistants to prepare them for the two semesters in Singapore, where they serve as teaching assistants for one course each semester. Fellows are expected to devote 50% of their time at both MIT and SUTD to conducting collaborative research. These positions are fully funded by the Collaboration Office.

MIT Graduate Students
The one-year version of the program is for MIT graduate students only. Highly qualified graduate students are fully funded for a year by the Collaboration. As with the postdocs, these students serve a 50% research, 50% teaching role. MIT graduate students in this program prepare for going to Singapore by taking the course they will subsequently staff, or by serving as a teaching assistant in an MIT course. Typical schedules include 5-6 months in Singapore, with the remainder on the MIT campus.

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“My experience as an MIT-SUTD Graduate Fellow has been one of the highlights of my graduate career. I felt privileged to teach and challenge excellent students who want to make a difference in the world…The passion, dedication, and excellence of the faculty and staff at the MIT-SUTD Collaboration and at SUTD provided me inspiration and academic role models. I owe a large debt of gratitude to the MIT-SUTD Collaboration for this wonderful opportunity.”

John Liu

Graduate Fellow
Bioinstrumentation Laboratory
Dpt. of Mechanical Engineering, MIT