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MIT International Design Center

The IDC is a premier scholarly hub for technologically-intensive design science, research and practice. It is a multi-million dollar center based both in Singapore and in Cambridge, MA, with academic and industrial partners from around the world. IDC faculty, researchers and students work together to design devices, products, systems, services and elements of the built environment that address strategic needs of the global community in the following areas:

Design with the Developing World
We aim to significantly improve conditions in the developing world by working with partners in developing countries. Areas of focus include transportation, clean water resources, sanitation, power, medical care and food supply.

Sustainable Built Environment
We aim to provide global cities with viable options to improve energy systems and to reduce environmental impact through design of efficient buildings and transportation systems.

ICT-enabled Devices for Better Living
We aim to develop devices and services enabled by information and computer technology (ICT) to personalize learning, enhance human performance, and help people overcome daily challenges, especially those related to health care for the elderly.

Additional research at the IDC focuses on the advancement of design process and design science, with the goal of developing new tools and methods for practice and education.

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